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About us

Trained as a cartographer and physical geographer, Michele Cobban Barden of Signs by MiCo has always been fascinated by ‘sense of place’. Sense of place is a hard to define but you know it when you feel it. Geography Dictionary defines it as “the intrinsic character of a place, or the meaning people give to it, but more likely a mixture of both.” Living in the Greater Boston area for the majority of her life, she has always been keenly aware of the relationship between people and place (Fenway Park, anyone?). There is a pride and a comradery built around place. In a desire to celebrate ‘place’ in her own home, Michele, an enthusiastic crafter and DIYer, designed, hand-painted and constructed her first signs. A few more were made as gifts for friends and family and it just took off from there.

Michele’s collection of stock work continues to expand covering numerous communities and landmarks of the North Shore. Her “Coordinates” series can be customized to your specific longitude and latitude! She welcomes your ideas for new locations or custom work.

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